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Future Classic!

Penned in the Early 90’s by Ian Callum, the DB7 is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and charismatic of automotive designs. We’ve mentioned in a previous post the late appreciation of the DB7’s second cousin, the XK8, which now looks like it came from the same womb as a separated twin. It all makes perfect sense of course given that Callum had spent so much time in Ford’s maternity unit. It’s all in the genes as they say. The impressive part though is how Ford managed to fill the shoes of the AM V8 and the XJS with a pair of cars that moved the game on so well for their respective brands.


Getting better with age

Posted: January 18, 2008 by The Car Spy in General, Jaguar
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My Grandad had one of these! 

There are some cars that are born to be classics. We didn’t know it at the time but that funny-looking Porsche 356 spawned the iconic 911 that we all know and love today – but who would have believed that the shape would still be recognised after 40-odd years?  Is it a ‘classic’ because it was always considered beautiful? Hardly, but it does have that unique appeal that has endured the test of time and of course that legendary build-quality. Then there are those cars that enter our lives like the mayfly only to be referred to by future generations as a ‘timeless classic’. The Jaguar XK8 is a ‘classic example’.