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Henrik Fisker is a very talented car designer. Why? Well because he is credited with putting the finishing touches to the DB9 after Ian Callum started the original pencil sketches. If Henrik designed no other car in his lifetime then he would indeed go down as one of the all-time greats because of his efforts with the DB9.

However, he now has his own car company and already he is busy creating more pant-wettingly gorgeous designs. There are several more masterpieces on the way from Henrik we suspect especially if the pretty Fisker Karma is anything to go by.

Back to the DB9. It is beautiful. If aliens landed and wanted to take back a souvenir from Earth to remind them of some of the nicer encounters during their visit they would pick a DB9. And why not? Is it not universally acclaimed as one of the prettiest cars ever produced?

Yes, the E-Type did end up in a few art galleries but try and find one now. And yes, there have been some blinders from Ferrari and Lambo but the Aston just exudes style, poise and class at every level. But then we are biased of course because we come from Blighty.

Can you do better then a DB9? Well how about a DBS then? Looking a little more aggressive cosmetically (without hurting the orginal stunning looks of the DB9) and offering an additional 40 BHP over the 470 on offer in the DB9’s V12. Extensive use of aluminium, carbon fibre and magnesium alloy means the car is light on its feet and 0-60 mph is seen off in a little over 4 seconds. Top speed is a whisker under 200 mph. Say no more.

If you want to feel the wind in your hair while savouring the extra performance of the DBS then you can have the Volante with its convertible roof and equally stunning good looks.

And better still, if you want a brand-new one now we can get you a DBS Volante with the following spec:-

Morning Frost White (special order from Aston Martin), Obsidian Black leather interior with Silver stitching, Black Hood, Piano Black fascia trim and 10-spoke Diamond Graphite alloy wheels.

Interested? Then give us a call on ++44 (0)1474 854490 to find out a lot more about this gorgeous car.

Future Classic!

Penned in the Early 90’s by Ian Callum, the DB7 is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and charismatic of automotive designs. We’ve mentioned in a previous post the late appreciation of the DB7’s second cousin, the XK8, which now looks like it came from the same womb as a separated twin. It all makes perfect sense of course given that Callum had spent so much time in Ford’s maternity unit. It’s all in the genes as they say. The impressive part though is how Ford managed to fill the shoes of the AM V8 and the XJS with a pair of cars that moved the game on so well for their respective brands.