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It seems that cars in Poland have come along way since the Polski-Fiat era and local company Arrinera Automotive SA and the UK’s very own Lee Noble (originator of Noble Cars) are developing a two-seater ‘supercar’ with performance and styling that seem set to rival the mighty Aventador.

Details are a little sketchy at the moment but the new car has a 6.2 litre GM-sourced V8 which delivers 650 horses and gets the car to 100 kph in 3.2 seconds. Top speed is a claimed 340 kph (212 mph). Impressive numbers indeed.

Carbon/Kevlar fibre is used extensively in the construction of the car and there is more than a hint of Lamborghini styling in the striking shape which really is no bad thing.

Lee Noble has masterminded the suspension application which means it will be able to put all of the power down without scaring the wits out of the driver (well, not too much anyway).

Another technical highlight is the Thermal Vision Camera which the company says ‘monitors the area in front of the car at the distance of a few hundred metres, detecting objects with a temperature exceeding the ambient temperature, which are displayed in the central screen’. Erm…not sure how handy that will be at 200 mph but ho hum.

Most striking of all, however, is that the price of joining the 200 mph club in this Polish supercar is projected to be 116,740 Euros. That is less than £100,000 which puts it at about the same price as a well-specified new 911 in the UK! Really? If that becomes a reality the car will be the supercar bargain of the decade and probably the century to-date!

A video (with naff corporate background music – maybe Steppenwolf would have been more palatable and relevant!) has been released to kick-off the pre-launch promotional hype as follows:-

More images of the Arrinera too:-

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