The name’s 7…DB7

Posted: March 15, 2008 by Mark S in Aston Martin, General
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Future Classic!

Penned in the Early 90’s by Ian Callum, the DB7 is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and charismatic of automotive designs. We’ve mentioned in a previous post the late appreciation of the DB7’s second cousin, the XK8, which now looks like it came from the same womb as a separated twin. It all makes perfect sense of course given that Callum had spent so much time in Ford’s maternity unit. It’s all in the genes as they say. The impressive part though is how Ford managed to fill the shoes of the AM V8 and the XJS with a pair of cars that moved the game on so well for their respective brands.

The DB7 was the best selling Aston ever so Callum deserves an almighty pat on the back for pulling that one out of the hat. Aston Martin’s have always been considered the gentleman’s alternative to the likes of Ferrari et al but the sales figures never lived up to the cachet of the brand – hence the history of multiple ownership and near-death experiences for the company.

So good though was Callum’s original design that the DB7’s shape remained largely unchanged for nine years apart from the odd special edition and upgraded engine option. If ever there was an Aston more suited to Bond it was probably the DB7 (after the DB4 of course). With its long purposeful bonnet, straight-six engine and understated yet muscular stance it missed the audition for the part. Well actually BMW were doing their bit of product placement at the time so JB had to do with a 1.9 BMW Z3 and a cardboard prototype Z8. Mr Fleming would not have been pleased!

Today Aston it seems can do no wrong – one stunner after another capable of making men dribble, women swoon, dogs wag their tails, birds chirp, the sun shine and so on and so on….we bet even Mr Ken Livingstone has secretly hankered after a DB9! Well rumour has it that they are developing hybrid versions to help save the planet so never say never Mr Bond.

Back to the DB7 and we are delighted to be offering on behalf of the owner a beautiful example with only 18k miles in the best colour combination – silver with red leather. This is a Vantage V12 that provides a tidal wave of power – 420 BHP – in a such a silky-smooth way that you wonder whether somebody slipped some wax earplugs into your lugholes as you snuggled behind the wheel of the comfortable cockpit. Just a nice hint of V12 grunt every now and then under power but no drama, no shouting, no stress, but stirred and not shaken. A lovely effortless drive that would make the journey to Monaco seem like a trip round the corner to Threshers to pick up the mixers for your Martini Cocktail. Don’t forget the tuxedo!

Click here for further details of the Vantage V12 on offer.

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