Maserati Masterpiece

Posted: March 7, 2008 by Mark S in General, Maserati
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The Gransport is a modified version of the 4200 Coupé and Spyder that was first unveiled by Maserati at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. So what’s the difference then? Well, it is equipped with specially designed aerodynamic body cladding, a huge chrome mesh grille, genuine carbon fibre interior trim, and special lightweight 19-inch wheels. It uses the ‘Skyhook’ active suspension, with a 10 mm lower ride height, and the Cambiocorsa (semi-auto) transmission is recalibrated for quicker shifts. The exhaust is also specially tuned to “growl” on start-up and full throttle. Trust me, all that definitely works.

This car doesn’t neccesarily feel ‘faster’ than say a 4200 GT or Cambiocorsa, but it handles the power better, you feel the road more, the steering is better weighted. You soon start to realise that if you were to take this car to the track, you would feel comfortable and confident pushing it to its limits. Here at TheCarSpy we are fans of these Maseratis because of their ‘uniqueness’, the italian flair, the soundtrack. You buy a one of these because you want to, because your heart wants to…yeah sure, for the same price you can buy a used Porsche 911 C4S….but are you going to have as much fun? Are people you drive past going to take any notice? Aren’t you going to miss that awesome 400bhp V8 booms from the quad exhausts as you hurtle along? One thing is for sure it is one of the best Maseratis we have ever driven. Luckily for us, we currently have two! To view the fantastic Argento Gransport click here. To view the mean and moody 4200 GT click here.

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