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Posted: February 28, 2008 by Mark S in BMW, General
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I eat most things for breakfast!

A Very welcome addition to the fleet, the New BMW E60 M5.

This car has to be every Ferrari owners worst nightmare. You can imagine it now, the ‘Barbie and Ken’ couple in the Rosso Red F360 Spider, the lift of the sunglasses, that glance over the shoulder at the traffic lights…The recognition of those M5 side vents…That ‘oh no’ feeling kicks in…’I could be made to look seriously silly right now’. A competitor that really is a genuine wolf in sheeps clothing. A civilised understated executive hack, capable of over 205 Miles Per Hour and has recored figures as low as 4.1 seconds during its 0-60 mph sprints (Road & Track magazine ’06). With figures like these, things could indeed look bleak for Mr Ken.

What makes this machine so special? So unique? So utterly fabulous that it can carry 4 people around the Nürburgring in 8mins 30 Secs?…well…if driven by Sabine Schmidt!

Here’s a few reasons. It’s fantastic 5.0, 507 BHP V10 heart, an engine that is capable of revving to 8,250rpm. It sounds sensational, barking and howling at the top end and reacting instantly to throttle inputs. The immense acceleration. Yes…It really IS that fast. It has to be felt to be belived. Its sheer agility and body control when faced with a sterner challenge. The SMG III gearbox, a 7 speed F1 influenced technological masterpiece in its own right. A Car that even when you deploy all 507 horses and plant your foot to the floor feels stunningly stable. You can definitely tell that literally every ounce of effort, knowledge, years of specialist tuning, experience, blood sweat and tears of BMW’s M-Division has gone into this car. They’ve made it almost too good, you can pretty much hone this car to your exact driving style in an infinite number of ways. Its a vehicle which allows you to plod along in its normal 400 bhp guise, then when you fancy… or feel the need….engage the M-Button  for the full 507 and there literally is no stopping it.

If you have a spare moment, click here to view the fantastic Interlagos Blue example on our website, we are sure it wont be hanging around for long!

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