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Future Classic!

Penned in the Early 90’s by Ian Callum, the DB7 is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and charismatic of automotive designs. We’ve mentioned in a previous post the late appreciation of the DB7’s second cousin, the XK8, which now looks like it came from the same womb as a separated twin. It all makes perfect sense of course given that Callum had spent so much time in Ford’s maternity unit. It’s all in the genes as they say. The impressive part though is how Ford managed to fill the shoes of the AM V8 and the XJS with a pair of cars that moved the game on so well for their respective brands.


Pretty Purrfect!

The Series III XJ seems to have it all. It’s a real Jaguar that perhaps forever will symbolise the ‘space, pace and grace’ principles of Sir William Lyons. The beautiful flowing lines of car design that have made Jaguar so unique and admired the world over.

When the XJ40 appeared in 1986 with its awkward angular looks it seemed that Jaguar had decided that square shoulder pads were the future – to be fair ‘Dynasty’ was the hit TV series at the time. Although why the Jag design team thought that large glass bricks placed either side of the iconic chrome grille would appear more attractive than the traditional round headlights is a tad mysterious. At least they made a welcome comeback on the X300.


BMW 750iL Very ‘Individual’

Posted: February 4, 2008 by The Car Spy in BMW, General
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The following article was written by Ian, our resident 7-series afficionado……….

………….”This is an amazing car. I’d hoped the admiring glances I received when driving were for me, but alas, no they were indeed for the car, and rightly so. The E38 has considerable road presence, even today, some six and half years after production ended.  

This particular car was owned by BMW for the first six months. During its time with them the car bore the registration number 750IL. A perfect complement for such a fine vehicle. This is an ‘Individual’ model which makes it not only very rare but also just a little more special.