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The Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is a beautiful car, the type that makes you just gawp, stare and dribble for long periods. A troupe of naked dancers would not avert your eyes from this car’s glorious curves. It will be remembered as an all-time great from Alfa which is wherein lies the source of our angst.

OK Alfa have produced some pretty decent looking cars over the years and a few duds too – how about the 1980’s Arna based on a Nissan Cherry? The 8C however, is an iconic piece of automotive design and yet they decided to only produce 500 each of the Coupe and the Spider. They built over 50,000 of the dreadful Arna for goodness sake! 

Presumably there is method in their madness while in the meantime every 8C owner can sit pretty smug knowing that there are only 499 other similar works of art out there for posterity. So how about the other numbers then?

Well for starters it has a 4.7 litre V8 lump sprinkled with Ferrari-dust that musters up a rampant 450 horses. This gets the 8C to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and allows for a top speed of around 180 mph. So it’s fast then. But then it is the sort of car that looks like it’s going fast even when it is standing still. Nice.

We’ve recently had the chance to photograph a gorgeous Competizione Red 8C Spider which belongs to somebody who has now decided to sell his pride and joy. This stunning 2010 8C Spider which has covered less than 500 miles is featured on our website and can be viewed by clicking here.

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Wolfgang Egger. He’s the one to blame. It’s his fault for designing a car you would want to live in after selling your house. Your partner would understand and the kids of course. Especially if it was a red one. They look so damn good in that colour. Why is it that Ferrari and Alfa have a particular affinity with the fiery hue? Mind you, the 8C can also be painted black or yellow and it still looks totally brilliant! The problem is that only 500 of these stunners will be leaving Modena and they are getting snapped-up like chicken drumsticks in a pool of crocodiles. Allocations have been made on a country-by-country basis and here in the UK we understand that no more than 41 examples will be available. For the record this car can scorch to 60 mph in 4 seconds and where allowed (i.e. nowhere except a racetrack) will max out at 180 mph. This is all down to a modifed version of Maserati’s V8 producing 450 galloping stallions of pulling power (GSPP) matched to a lightning-fast pair of paddle-shift controls located behind the steering-wheel. Oh and it’s made of carbon-fibre. Nice one Wolfgang! By the way, this gentleman is now head of design at Audi. The future looks bright at Ingolstadt. In the meantime if you want to get your hands on an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione give us a call on ++44 (0)1474 854490. The car can still be specifed as you wish but you will need to move quickly to jump the queue for this future collector’s piece.