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Is the Ferrari ‘Daytona’ the best car ever to wear the Prancing Horse? A lot of people think so and original versions can fetch large sums in the right condition. Looking at the car today it is hard to imagine the reaction in 1968 when Ferrari launched the officially titled 365 GTB/4 (B being the Berlinetta or coupe) and the GTS (Spider) following soon after. The design still blows your socks off forty years later.   

Several companies in the US and Europe have produced replica versions of the famous Daytona over the years but here in the UK at least the best known was the version produced by Southern Roadcraft. Sadly it appears that today the company no longer exists although there is a website dedicated to their cars – click here to take a look

We are selling on behalf of the owner a beautiful Jet Black SR-bodied Daytona which has been fitted with a 5 litre V12 from a 1982 Ferrari 400i. The car has been constructed with authenticity in mind and many people would be easily convinced that they were looking at an original plexi-glass Daytona from the early seventies.

The current owner had a valuation report carried out in 2008 by Julian Shoolheifer Ltd (

To view this stunning Daytona replica on our website click here or for a slideshow of over twenty images please click here. Alternatively give us a call on ++44(0)1474 854490 for a friendly chat.

Sounds like a mouthful to us Anglo Saxons but ‘599 GTB Fiorano’ makes a lot of sense to our Italian cousins. The easy part is 599. This is the size of the engine minus the last 9cc. GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta which gives us a clue to the body styling i.e. it’s a Coupe. And finally Fiorano is the handy little ribbon of tarmac just outside of Maranello which is great for pushing Enzo’s finest to their limits. Maranello must be a great place to live! The 599 has a lot to live up to though. Built as a replacement for the 575 Maranello it had to look good and from an engineering point of view it had to move the game on. Well Pininfarina did the styling under the capable hands of Frank Stephenson who’s cv includes having a hand in the New Mini, X5, F430, Maser Quattroporte, 612 Scaglietti and pretty little new Fiat 500. He then went on to Alfa to replace our friend Wolfgang Egger who then went on to Audi. There must be something in the wine in Northern Italy to produce such an abundant crop of styling gurus! Is the 599 beautiful? Not in a pretty way perhaps but in a dramatic way it succeeds. It certainly looks like a Ferrari. And the mechanical bits? If speed is the benchmark (and it invariably is) then a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds recorded by Evo Magazine suggests that the boys with the spanners and computers at Maranello have been putting in some overtime. Some tests have recorded even closer to 3 seconds for the same sprint which places the 599 way near the top of the league for high-performance exotics. Want to buy one? Well give us a call on ++44 (0)1474 854490 because we know of a cancelled order for a 599 that is going to be ready towards the end of 2008 and there’s still time to change the spec!

Wolfgang Egger. He’s the one to blame. It’s his fault for designing a car you would want to live in after selling your house. Your partner would understand and the kids of course. Especially if it was a red one. They look so damn good in that colour. Why is it that Ferrari and Alfa have a particular affinity with the fiery hue? Mind you, the 8C can also be painted black or yellow and it still looks totally brilliant! The problem is that only 500 of these stunners will be leaving Modena and they are getting snapped-up like chicken drumsticks in a pool of crocodiles. Allocations have been made on a country-by-country basis and here in the UK we understand that no more than 41 examples will be available. For the record this car can scorch to 60 mph in 4 seconds and where allowed (i.e. nowhere except a racetrack) will max out at 180 mph. This is all down to a modifed version of Maserati’s V8 producing 450 galloping stallions of pulling power (GSPP) matched to a lightning-fast pair of paddle-shift controls located behind the steering-wheel. Oh and it’s made of carbon-fibre. Nice one Wolfgang! By the way, this gentleman is now head of design at Audi. The future looks bright at Ingolstadt. In the meantime if you want to get your hands on an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione give us a call on ++44 (0)1474 854490. The car can still be specifed as you wish but you will need to move quickly to jump the queue for this future collector’s piece.