2002 Bentley Arnage Mulliner LWB

Posted: August 27, 2009 by The Car Spy in Bentley
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For sale: office with Internet, phone (two of them), fax facility, drinks cabinet, TV (two screens), air conditioning, plush leather furnishings, lashings of burr oak veneer, oh and a 400 bhp V8 engine. 

Yes this  is a special-bodied Sapphire Black Mulliner Bentley Arnage which makes most apartments seem sparsely equipped by comparison. You could park this car outside the Grosvenor and the world would think Simon Cowell was in town. This is indeed a special car and the current owner has asked us to find a suitably-qualified new owner for this grand lady.

We thought the Screaming Yellow Mustang topped the attention-seeking charts but this Bentley has it licked. You can see people bowing and scraping out of the corner of your eye as you waft very conspicuously along Her Majesty’s highways and even the net curtains at Buck House would twitch at the arrival of this beauty at the front door.

The specification of this long wheelbase conversion of the Arnage is mind-boggling. There just simply enough space in this post to tell you about the details. The car reputedely cost over £200k when new and quite frankly it is easy to see where the money was spent.

We saw a Maybach the other day which costs over £350k brand new. Save your hard-earned pennies and invest in a set of non-dating plates and £45k for this Bentley. It makes the MB look like a Chinese import. An ugly one to boot.

If you would like to know more about this unique Mulliner Bentley then just click here or call us on 0044 1474 854490 for more details. You can click here for a slideshow of over 30 images in the meantime.

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