2005 Ford Mustang GT Supercharged

Posted: August 12, 2009 by The Car Spy in Ford
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I don’t think we have ever driven a car that has had so much attention. Small boys point and shout, people at bus-stops wave, old ladies skip and dance, eco-warriors shake their fists – yes, this is a day in the life of a bright yellow (appropriately called Screaming Yellow) left hand drive Ford Mustang GT.

This particular one is a little bit special though because it has a Saleen Supercharger strapped to its already mighty V8 which punches out a Lambo-busting 550 BHP with a totally intoxicating exhaust note. Mmm, nice. 

We have been asked to sell the car on behalf of the owner who tells us that a whole host of modifications have been done to cope with the huge increase in power which will catapult the beast to over 200 mph (allegedly!). These mods include Stoptek racing brakes, light aluminium propshaft, racing camshafts, Steeda racing bonnet and Quick-shift gearbox, bonnet catches and the car has been lowered by 40mm.

All professionally carried out of course and fully serviced by Mod-UR-Stang. Finished off with 20″ dark chrome alloys and painted-on Midnight Purple stripes with stencilled graphics. This is an enormous amount of fun for less than £25k and will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat after a fish dinner.

More details can be found by clicking here or give us a call on ++44 1474 854490 for a friendly chat about the car.

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