2007 Rolls Royce Phantom

Posted: October 5, 2009 by The Car Spy in Rolls Royce
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FAB1 – that’s what the latest Phantom looks like! Anyone who remembers the Thunderbirds TV series from the 60’s will definitely recall the very pink Rolls Royce owned by Lady Penelope and driven by the very drole Parker. The towering grille, squinty headlamps and massive road presence give this Roller the same esprit de corps. There is something that RR seem to pull off that nobody has yet managed to emulate. Price isn’t everything, witness the Maybach. This car says I am here and you had better move aside just because you know you should. The Phantom should really be de rigeur for gangsters but instead it tends to waft the highest levels of royalty and the seriously monied from their splendid front doors to somewhere else equally splendid. Us Brits don’t really want a revolution because who would be left to buy a Roller? We know it’s not right but the car is just so damn impressive even if you couldn’t bring yourself to drive one. A bit like FAB1 in Thunderbirds really. If there are any of the recession-proof minority reading this post then reach for your cheque book because we know of a low-mileage (900 miles) example looking for a new owner for less than 180k GBP which is a massive saving over list!

Come on , don’t be shy now and give us a call on ++44 1474 854490 to arrange a very private viewing or click here for more details or here for a slideshow of images.

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