2006 Mini Cooper MK 2

Posted: July 4, 2008 by The Car Spy in General, MINI
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Did you know that the so-called MINI ‘Mk 2’ that BMW launched in 2006 is a completely different car in almost every respect from the first version launched in 2001? In order to meet more stringent safety standards and new EU regulations the MINI had to be re-vamped from the ground up. If you’re a MINI anorak you probably know the differences all off by heart but to the vast majority of car purchasers the car looks virtually unchanged. Not so! Firstly, it’s bigger. They’ve added about 2 inches to the length. Every panel has been changed. The ‘C’ pillars are no longer made of glass. The front indicators are contained inside the headlamp unit. The rear lights are slightly larger. The bonnet is higher. The front grille has been re-designed (looks much better now). The 1.6 litre lump has been replaced with another 1.6 litre lump but the new version ekes out another 8 mile per gallon. There’s lot of aluminium used in the bits you can’t see to make it lighter. The boot is bigger. It’s faster and NCAP have given it a five star rating. Phew! And there’s even more to tell about the differences but we’d rather tell you now about a nice black MK 2 that the owner has asked us to market on their behalf. With a full leather interior, digital climate control, chili pack and a panoramic roof the spec is mightily comprehensive. Only 16,000 miles, MINI warranty and the very useful TLC free servicing pack this ‘new-shape’ MINI is looking for a nice friendly new owner. Click here for more details

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