1999 Ferrari 355 GTS F1

Posted: July 2, 2008 by The Car Spy in Ferrari, General
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We’ve decided a Ferrari doesn’t have to be red. We have just added a gorgeous 355 to our portfolio and it is a complete stunner. In our humble opinion the 355 in any other colour than red almost looks like a different car. Maybe a metallic hue shows off the subtle detailing of the curvy shape rather more than a solid colour. This particular 355 is finished in Tour de France Blue. Take a look at the images by clicking here. The car looks classy and very slightly understated. It still makes a great noise though! The tan interior contrasts perfectly with the blue exterior and the overall condition of this 355 is highly original and unmolested. As with any Ferrari the service history is vitally important and this one comes with a comprehensive mix of main agent and specialist provenance. The last service was done by Verdi very recently and the car has also had a new clutch fitted. The cambelts were checked for wear by Verdi and they were given the thumbs-up too. If you have ever thought about buying a 355 don’t leave it too long. These are getting more sought-after than early 360’s and the way they are holding their values suggest that there won’t be any bargain-prices in the future. Click here for more details of this lovely blue example. Here’s an interesting independent review of the F355 featured on Pistonheads.

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