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These cars are just the cutest! The Mini’s perfect proportions make you want to pick one up and put it in your pocket. Considering how cuddly the original version was back in 1959 it has been no mean feat that today’s designers have kept the essence and soul of Issigonis’s (crikey that’s hard to spell!) first generation Mini. Let’s hope that BMW don’t adopt the ‘change for change’s sake’ attitude with the Mini and leave the formula to mature nicely with only minor tweaking. Please don’t do what VW did to the original Golf! Right, so since everyone agrees that the Mini is a highly desirable piece of kit then why not plump for one with a detachable roof? We’re marketing one in Dark Silver for the owner who has since upgraded to a newer model. It’s an ‘S’ with the punchy Supercharged engine and 6-speed gearbox. With Cooper Works Alloys, Side Skirts, Chili Pack, TLC and Aircon it’s a very nicely specified example. Oh and this one has only done 9800 miles. Want more details? Then just click here and get ready to fall in love!