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Finished in stunning Nero Serapis with Full Black Leather Sports Interior and complimentary yellow stitching this gorgeous Gallardo Spyder has covered 23,000 miles with two owners since it was manufactured in 2006 and comes complete with a full service history and MOT until August 2011. This lovely example which has just been serviced is offered for sale on behalf of the current owner at £74995. Sorry this car is now sold!

Specification as follows:-

4961cc V10 Cylinder 500 bhp Petrol Engine, 6-Speed Sequential ‘E-Gear’ Gearbox, All Wheel Drive System, ABS, ASR, ABD, PAS, 19″ Callisto Alloy Wheels, Electric Power Hood, Body-coloured Heated ‘Powerfold’ Door Mirrors, Xenon Headlamps with Powerwash, Yellow Brake Calipers, Front Suspension Lifting System, Dual Zone Climate Control, Factory Satellite Navigation System, Reversing Camera, On-board Computer, Electric Windows, Electrically Adjustable Backrests, Adjustable Leather Steering Wheel, Leather Dashboard, Multiple Airbags, Remote Central Locking with Alarm / Immobiliser.

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Choices, choices, choices. Life is full of them and some are harder to make than others, particularly when it comes to cars. The R8 and the Gallardo are related of course through their VW parentage and the two cars share a number of similar though not necessarily identical components. Sitting in the R8 reminds you of sitting in a Gallardo and vice versa. They even share that peculiar electronic whirring and chattering noise that occurs when the key is turned in the ignition or strangely a few seconds after the engine is switched off. Apparently it’s to do with the sequential gearbox jiggery-pokery. Did VW intend for the R8 to compete head-on with its Italian cousin? Probably not. After all the Lambo is at least another £30k more expensive fresh out of the factory. In the pre-owned market however it’s a bit more of a level playing field. Gallardo’s have become plentiful as opposed to R8’s which have been drip-fed into the market. The upshot is that second-hand values for each car are starting to reach parity and £70k will now buy you either one of these temptresses. So it’s one of those head or heart scenarios then. The Gallardo is vocal. Don’t plan on creeping about in one – you will always be noticed. The R8 will bark but only if you push it hard otherwise it is comfortably subdued. The Italian offers a raw driving experience and makes you concentrate hard. The German makes you feel supremely confident and that whatever happens the R8 will save you from disaster. In the looks department they will both draw crowds. The square-jawed egdy Gallardo appears as mad as a Lambo should. The R8 is an abundance of curves and curious detailing that makes you want to walk round the car all day long. So which would you buy? It’s a tough choice for sure. If it helps we have an example of each ready to be sold on behalf of their current owners. Both are in black (doh!) but at least the Gallardo is a cabriolet (and therefore a tad more expensive than the R8). Nice low miles, good specs and totally cared-for, they are in every respect very similar. Click here for the lowdown on the R8 and here for the Gallardo. Head or heart?

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If there was any doubt that white was to return as a fashionable colour choice for cars you only have to look at the front cover of most motoring magazines. No more black, silver or grey. The latest models wear white and don’t they look pretty! The choice of shade is interesting as well. There is no choice. The white used these days is a pure, snowy white as opposed to the creamy, yellow, off-white shades of a couple of decades ago. It is a white that sits happily with edgy, angular design features and interestingly manages to highlight certain aspects of the car’s shape that other colours somehow miss. A perfect example is the Lamborghini Gallardo. Here is a car full of angles and edges when portrayed in white. It is almost as though you are looking at the car when it was first scribbled on the designer’s notepad. Only the red rear lights and yellow side repeaters punctuate the purity and simplicity of the monochrome image. Which leads us neatly on to the one that is currently featured on our website. It is a white 2007 Spyder E-Gear that we are marketing on behalf of the owner with only 5000 miles on the clock. The car features lots of toys such as SatNav, reversing camera, black Callisto alloys, car cover and a manufacturer’s warranty until October 2010. To take a look at this stunning white model just click here.