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It is easy to get carried away with numbers. Life seems to be measured in millions or billions these days and when Barclays Bank announced a recent drop in quarterly profits from £1.15 billion to £793 million the media led us to believe that bankers were were about to throw themselves off the top of the company’s HQ in Canary Wharf. Time to get a grip we think.

Numbers have got a little out of hand in the car world too now and we have seen deals closed at 1 million pounds plus at a rate never seen before in our time as ‘supercar’ brokers. That is fine and dandy of course but in reality the vast majority of petrolheads have now found themselves following the pursuits of car-spotters and dream-chasers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in search of car-pornography to satisfy their lust for automotive nirvana.

We thought, therefore it was time to challenge ourselves to find out which cars can provide the necessary ‘supercar’ fix for car-lovers who don’t happen to have access to the cash reserves of a Russian oligarch but also want a car they can drive without being ‘papped’ on the way to the supermarket.

The initial criteria for creating the ‘affordable’ short-list was as follows:

  • A purchase budget of no more than £50,000
  • Ideally at least 300 bhp power output (or power to weight ratio)
  • a zero to 60 mph time of less than around 5 seconds
  • Modern-ish without being called a ‘modern classic’
  • The car should be a crowd-puller (that was the hardest part)
  • A car that people will give way to at junctions with pleasure (actually that was the hardest part and unlikely to be the case with a few of these cars)

Of course £50k is still an awful lot of money for the vast majority of British citizens but we are assuming that a car-fanatic will be prepared to sell his grandmother in order to acquire the car of his dreams (sorry Nan!). That figure is also roughly a third of what you might expect to pay to become a junior member of the ‘supercar club’ if you were buying a brand new car.

So not in order of preference but in order of the alphabet here we go, including a link to one we have found for sale in order to prove the point:

alfa-romeo-4c-1-75-tbi-2dr-tct-158137613-1Alfa Romeo 4c – the company appears to have found its mojo again with the 4c and hopefully Alfa will start producing great cars again. The 4c has the looks, the noise and the pulling power to compete with its Ferrari cousins without the need for the driver to wear his shirt open to the navel. Drives like a dream and looks cool in any colour. For sale:


Ariel Atom 3 300 – a left-field choice but certainly one that would get you noticed parked next to an alien spaceship from Mars. For those drivers who have a masochistic tendency and enjoy being exposed to the elements of nature. This car will try to tear the skin off your face and an Aventador would do well to keep up with an Atom in any drag race. Dare to be different! For sale:

aston-martin-vantage-v8-2dr-n400-limited-edition-33-240-141948863-1Aston Martin Vantage V8 N400 – actually for £50k we could have opted for a DB9 (Coupe or Volante) or a Vanquish. Anything with an ‘Aston Martin’ badge is super-cool anyway so our choice is academic. The V8 Vantage N400 is fast, has a manual gearbox, just enough toys, made in limited numbers and ticks all of the right boxes for us. For sale:

audi-r8-4-2-fsi-quattro-2dr-157881774-1Audi R8 – really didn’t think it would be possible but in fact there is a surprising number of R8’s available on the market for less than our target buy-price. It is nearly ten years since the R8 was first launched and yet it still looks fresh today. There probably isn’t another car in our top twenty that can emulate the R8 and look like it is worth twice the price. The family-man choice, however, would be the RS6. For sale:

bmw-m6-S2324909-1 (1)BMW M6 – More of a Grand Tourer than a street-racer but none the worse for that. A stonking 560 bhp on tap means that progress will be rapid and a trip to Monaco can be done in the blink of an eye. The roomy cabin means you can take three mates on the trip with you too! If, on the other hand, you really do need four doors then an understated F10 M5 can be bought for similar money. For sale:

bentley-continental-gt-gt-speed-08my-S2326448-1Bentley Continental GT Speed – Formerly the chariot of choice for Premier League footballers the Conti GT has matured very nicely and fitted with the 600 bhp W12 engine you won’t find another car in this list with a badge that can rub shoulders with the best company out there. The shape still looks current too because thankfully Bentley has kept the cosmetic updates to a mild make-over level over the years. For Sale:

ferrari-360-S2315344-1Ferrari 360 Modena – Trying to buy a fairly modern Ferrari for less than £50k was always going to be tricky but we were determined to get one on our list of favourites. However we did cheat slightly because that budget will get you a left hand drive 360 and nothing else right hand drive will come close. Get one in Rosso Corsa with Crema interior and your mates will think you have just won the lottery. For sale:

ford-mustang-S2221654-1Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby – In the 60’s Steve McQueen made us all fall in love with his Highland Green GT 390 Fastback in the film Bullitt and the name Mustang still conjures up the stirring car-chase footage from the film. The car you can buy today will definitely be quicker with anything from 600 upwards available depending on which version you buy. The American V8 soundtrack is worth every penny! For sale:

honda-nsx-honda-nsx-3-0-v6-non-pas-earliest-in-uk-149072729-1Honda NSX – Massively under-rated initially but the NSX turned out to be a giant-killer with Ferrari very much in its sights. The fabulous engine, superb handling and sensible list price meant that in spite of its mass-market origins Honda had managed to produce a proper supercar of its own. Technically because of its age now it is technically a ‘modern classic’ and shouldn’t be in this list – but it is, so there. For sale:

jaguar-f-type-5-0-v8-s-quickshift-2dr-meridian--sport-exhaust-154073136-3Jaguar F-Type V8 Supercharged – We could have equally gone for the Supercharged V6 but the V8 F-Type just tips the balance on the mental scale. Over-the-top explosive exhaust note will have pedestrians running for cover and a rear-wheel-drive set-up that makes for some of the easiest rubber-burning wheel-spins on the planet. Smile factor is huge and with the roof down the search for tunnels will be high on the agenda. For sale:

lamborghini-gallardo-5-0-v10-coupe-2d-494-bhp-148500251-1Lamborghini Gallardo – Disappointingly we couldn’t find anything to fit below our budget in the classifieds but there are some that come close. Lambo’s are holding their values well these days and a Gallardo can still pull a few glances when it is out and about. We think that if you were determined enough to haggle with a dealer and not too fussy about the mileage of the car then there is a Gallardo out there for you. For sale:

lotus-exige-s3-s-race-and-premium-S2319035-1Lotus Exige S 3.5 V6 – Lotus has come a long way since the Elise of the late 90’s and in spite of the turbulent history of the company over recent years there have been some interesting developments in product development and big improvements in build quality. Lotus has produced some of the best chassis designs ever since the beginning of time and the Exige will embarrass almost anything on the track. For sale:

mercedes-benz-c-class-saloon-mercedes-amg-c63-156232639-1Mercedes Benz C63 AMG – Like many of the other cars in this list the 6.3 litre V8 C63 AMG makes a delicious sound. Start one up from cold and and the ferocious bark sounds like an angry demon stirring from its sleep. At first sight the C63 looks a little like a C250 with an AMG kit but that is half the attraction really because you can poodle around and blend in with the traffic knowing you have 500 bhp on hand. For sale:

morgan-aero-8-aero-8-S2330125-1Morgan Aero 8 – It doesn’t get any more old-school than Morgan but the company knows how to produce a fast car when it wants to and they are a familiar sight on many race tracks around the world. The BMW V8-powered Aero 8 packs a punch in standard form for the road and is another soft-top in our selection that produces a glorious sound. Its quirky shape means you will get lots of friendly waves too. For sale:

nissan-gt-r-black-edition-159531207-1Nissan GT-R – Another Jap that has spoilt the party for many of the premium brands amongst the high-performance pack. The GT-R has been developed to within an inch of its life and the result is that it shows you don’t need to spend a six-figure sum to buy a car to scare the life out of you whilst losing your driving licence. The GT-R takes on all-comers – just check out the YouTube drag-race videos! For sale:

noble-m400-S2322831-1Noble M400 – If speed is high on your list of priorities then a rare, low-volume production Noble could be right up your street. Zero to 60 mph will be in the 3 second category and if you are brave enough you could push the car to 200 mph. The car is built by the same people who build the Superperformance GT40 and they know a thing or two about fast race cars. Your individuality will be applauded with a Noble. For sale:

porsche-cayman-24v-s-pdk-148377119-1Porsche Cayman 3.4S – We couldn’t have an Exige in our list without including it’s nemesis the Porsche Cayman. Everything the Lotus can do , the Cayman will try to better it. Not always successfully but in a way that appeals to the more conservative buyer who has build-quality and longevity as their main priorities. The Cayman also threatens its big brother, the 911, in terms of value for money these days. For sale:

porsche-911-turbo-997-turbo-tiptronic-s-S2240456-1Porsche 911 (997) Turbo – Porsche has produced so many variants of the 911 that the choice at £50k is mind-blowing. However, putting aside the GT3 and RS offerings, a 911 Turbo is a wet-dream for any car enthusiast. The performance figures are academic because most people will never have the chance to test the car to its limits and too many will not want to even use it to protect its residual value which is a shame. For sale:

tesla-roadster-S2265010-1Tesla Roadster – Yes there is an electric car in our list and because we wanted a Tesla our choice was limited to the Roadster. You simply can’t buy a Model S (our preferred choice) for anywhere near £50k, at the moment at least. The Roadster is, however, related to the Lotus Elise, has set several world records for electric-powered cars and can get to 60 mph in less than four seconds. That’s why we chose it. For sale:

ultima-all-models-S2050340-1Ultima GTR – it is a coincidence that the ultimate car on our list should be an Ultima. However, it might also be literally the ultimate of our car choices for £50k because it is the fastest car here. Designed originally by Lee Noble (yes, the very same of Noble Cars) the Ultima GTR can blow most ‘hypercars’ into the weeds for acceleration, including the Veyron. Need we say more? For sale:

So there you have it, these are our, albeit subjective, choices for an alternative supercar for around £50k or less. You might disagree and if so, feel free to tell us which cars either shouldn’t be in our top twenty or point out some we may well have over-looked.

The links to the cars for sale have all been taken from the Pistonheads classified listings and you may indeed find better buys from other sources. Some of the cars we have found may also have been sold by the time you have read this article.

Let us know if you need any help looking for your ideal supercar for £50k by giving The Car Spy a call on 01892 506970 – we will be happy to assist you.

The New 2013 Audi R8

Posted: July 31, 2012 by The Car Spy in Audi, New Cars
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It’s hard to believe that the Audi R8 was introduced to us back in 2006. Considering it still looks as fresh today as it was when Audi first introduced the car any kind of make-over seems a little premature. Fortunately, however, there has only been some minor fettling with LED lighting, grille, brightware and the odd bit of composite adornment (called CFRP in Audi-speak).

The most important aspect of this R8 update, however, is the replacement of that clunker of a gearbox called the R tronic. It never worked as it was supposed too and the only reason it was tolerated is because it sat inside a stunning piece of automotive art.

Jump into your R8 R tronic when the engine is cold whilst closely parked between two other cars. Attempting to get the car out of the space was usually met with a series of jerks, jolts and snatches that was akin to trying to steering a rhino through a shop full of Swarovski crystal. It was rubbish. The only time it did work was at full throttle which wasnt very often at all.

Thankfully that gearbox is no more because a seven-speed S tronic transmission is now on offer together with the still very good six-speed manual gearbox. The S tronic is smaller, lighter and much, much faster than the forgettable R. This makes the R8 an even better car since it is matched perfectly to the V8 and V10 engine options.

Other benefits from fitting the new S tronic transmission include lower emissions, lower centre of gravity (to aid handling) and slightly improved performance figures (if your life is measured in milliseconds)

There is a new flagship model in the range called the R8 V10 Plus which produces 550PS which allows for a 3 second 0-60 mph time and a top speed of 197 mph with the S tronic transmission installed. Ceramic disc brakes are fitted as standard on the ‘Plus’ which is very handy. Pricing for this hot and spicy version of the R8 is given as £124675 for the manual and £127575 for the S tronic version.

The rest of the range starts off at £91575 for the manual V8 Coupe while the Spyder kicks off at £100225. Compared to the (rising) prices of sports cars these days such as the latest 911 the Audi R8 actually looks pretty good value for money and certainly pulls off a trick with those head-turning looks.

Orders can be placed August 2012 and first UK deliveries are expected to take place during early 2013.

To find out more about the new R8 range or any other Audi model give The Car Spy a call on 01732 760699 or email

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This Audi R8 GT 5.2 Coupe is finished in Samoa Orange Metallic with Black Alcantara interior plus Signal Orange stitching and was registered September 2011. Only 33 of these R8 GT’s were available in the UK and this example has covered 2000 miles. The following options have been specified in addition to the high level standard specification:-

R8 GT Racing Package, R8 GT Floor Mats with Orange Piping, Audi Music Interface (AMI), Cruise Control, Mobile Phone Preparation – Bluetooth Interface.

Available to purchase today at £151000 plus Shipping/Delivery costs

For further details please give us a call on ++44(0)1732 760699 or email

This Audi R8 V10 Spyder is finished in Phantom Black with Lunar Silver Nappa Leather Interior and was registered 1.3.2010. The car has covered only 9500 miles and has the following options in addition to the high level standard specification:-

 Black Hood, Contrast Stitching – Silver, Piano Black Inlays, Audi Parking Advanced, AMI – iPod, High Beam Assist, Cruise Control, Homelink, Bluetooth Phone Prep with Voice Control, Magnetic Ride, DVD Navigation, Electric Seats, Heated Seats, Bang & Olufsen, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Stainless Steel Pedals, Light & Rain Sensors, Hill Hold Assist, All LED Headlights, Electric Folding Door Mirrors, Fully Prepared.

Available to purchase today at £93750

 Please note this car is NOT VAT Qualifying.

For further details please give us a call on ++44(0)1732 760699 or email

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Choices, choices, choices. Life is full of them and some are harder to make than others, particularly when it comes to cars. The R8 and the Gallardo are related of course through their VW parentage and the two cars share a number of similar though not necessarily identical components. Sitting in the R8 reminds you of sitting in a Gallardo and vice versa. They even share that peculiar electronic whirring and chattering noise that occurs when the key is turned in the ignition or strangely a few seconds after the engine is switched off. Apparently it’s to do with the sequential gearbox jiggery-pokery. Did VW intend for the R8 to compete head-on with its Italian cousin? Probably not. After all the Lambo is at least another £30k more expensive fresh out of the factory. In the pre-owned market however it’s a bit more of a level playing field. Gallardo’s have become plentiful as opposed to R8’s which have been drip-fed into the market. The upshot is that second-hand values for each car are starting to reach parity and £70k will now buy you either one of these temptresses. So it’s one of those head or heart scenarios then. The Gallardo is vocal. Don’t plan on creeping about in one – you will always be noticed. The R8 will bark but only if you push it hard otherwise it is comfortably subdued. The Italian offers a raw driving experience and makes you concentrate hard. The German makes you feel supremely confident and that whatever happens the R8 will save you from disaster. In the looks department they will both draw crowds. The square-jawed egdy Gallardo appears as mad as a Lambo should. The R8 is an abundance of curves and curious detailing that makes you want to walk round the car all day long. So which would you buy? It’s a tough choice for sure. If it helps we have an example of each ready to be sold on behalf of their current owners. Both are in black (doh!) but at least the Gallardo is a cabriolet (and therefore a tad more expensive than the R8). Nice low miles, good specs and totally cared-for, they are in every respect very similar. Click here for the lowdown on the R8 and here for the Gallardo. Head or heart?