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There are some cars which will always command a lot of attention whenever a new version is announced and the Porsche 911 GT3 is one of them. Since the first GT3 version was launched way back in 1999 just over 14000 have been produced and of those that still survive each one has appreciated in value. In other words, they have been a solid-gold automotive investment.

A few years ago we sold a well cared-for 2005 996 GT3 which would be worth around £70k today…..


And also this drop-dead gorgeous 2010 997 GT3 RS which would set you back in excess of £135k in today’s money – possibly even more than that soon as values continue to rise northwards.


We cant tell you what the owners paid for these cars when they bought them from us but they will be comforted by the fact that their GT3’s are akin to having a barrel full of diamonds in the garage. Nice.

The latest (991) GT3 had barely been announced when the right hand drive allocation was sold out – it seems the desire for a GT3 burns bright here in the UK

The only other option it seemed was to purchase a left-hooker since the factory would make a few more of those to satisfy (most of) the rest of the world.

Fortunately we have access to a brand new, unregistered, left hand drive GT3 which has just arrived in the UK from Germany and is vat qualifying.

The specification is as follows:-

Carrera White (Solid)
Leather and Alcantara Interior
GT3 Wheels in Anthracite
Front Axle Lifting System
Dynamic Light System (PDLS)
Sport Seat 6 Point [heated] (Including Harness)
Tracking system (VTS)
Floor mats
Phone Prep
PCM with Navigation
Sound package
Aluminium Interior Trim
Alcantara Steering Wheel
Alcantara Armrest Lid
Red Harness Belts

Just for the record the latest incarnation of the GT3 features a 3.8 litre, flat-six engine mated to a PDK transmission which together produce 475 hp. The car is capable of providing a 0-60 mph time of 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 195 mph according to the manufacturer.

For further details and pricing please get in touch in the first instance on 01892 506970 because we are not expecting this sought-after GT3 to be available for very long or drop The Car Spy an email at

Bentley GT3-R

Hard to believe that the shape of the Continental has been with us for nearly 12 years now and with the odd cosmetic tweak and engine upgrade it has managed to establish itself as the best selling Bentley by far. In fact, it is the main reason the company is now considered to be an instantly recognisable global brand which is no mean feat for a single model. Who knows, the Conti might do for Bentley what the 911 has done for Porsche over the decades.

In these times, it is the marketing man who sits at the top table with the company bosses and they look to him to mix his magic potions to eke out every drop of dream-inspiring imagery to help maintain market share of their brand and individual models. The Continental is a good example.

Think of a jolly jaunt down to Monaco in the blink of an eye, wafting along in a near-silent W12 to arrive refreshed at the Casino in time for a game or two of Black Jack.

How about a raucous blast in the Scottish Glens with a glorious V8 under the bonnet while the sports suspension lets you attack corners like Lewis Hamilton?

Fancy a cruise along the Pacific Highway from LA to San Diego? You can just picture yourself in a GT Speed Convertible with the roof down soaking up the sun and the miles listening to Pink Floyd on the Naim audio system.

Get the point? Along with breaking ice speed records it seems there is a Continental for every occasion. However until recently one part of Bentley’s history had been relatively unexploited – the legendary Bentley Blowers that won at Le Mans in 1930. Enter the GT3 and GT3-R.

The GT3 was developed to establish Bentley as a properly competitive racing team again and to bring the marque firmly back on to the stage of worldwide motorsport – the marketing men were at it again.

Such was the positive reception to the arrival of Bentley to compete with the likes of McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche that it was not long before the company wheeled out a ‘normal’ road-going version for those petrol-heads with deep pockets. Hence we have the GT3-R.

Limited to a production run of only 300 the low-down is as follows:-

Engine power 580 PS 6000rpm and 700 N·m 1700rpm, torque vectoring for each of the rear wheels, shorter gearing, recalibrated control software, all-new titanium exhaust with 7 kg weight saving and retuned acoustics, forged 21-inch alloy wheels in gloss black, Pirelli tyres, sport-focused Electronic Stability Control programme, Carbon Silicon Carbide (CSiC) braking system (420 mm front and 356 mm rear brake discs, 8-piston front calipers in green), two-seat cabin with carbon fibre, Alcantara and leather interior upholstery; bespoke sporting seats with additional side support through deeper bolsters upholstered in Beluga black leather and diamond-quilted Alcantara, upholstered steering wheel and gear shifter, centre console and fascia panels in carbon fibre, carbon fibre door casings with diamond-quilted Alcantara inner panels, rear cabin with a carbon fibre surround and upholstered in leather and Alcantara, green hide colour on the seats, instrument panel, door panels, contrast stitching throughout the seats and diamond-quilted areas; GT3-R badging at centre console, passenger-side fascia panel, sill tread-plates; GT3-R stitching at seat headrests in with contrast-green stitching, carbon fibre fixed rear wing and boot lid, bonnet with two vents, Glacier White body colour with gloss carbon fibre contrasts, two-tone green graphics tracing two power lines to the side profile of the car (one leading backwards from the front wheel, the other tracing the shape of the Continental GT’s rear haunch), headlamp bezels, matrix grille, window surrounds and bumper strips in gloss black. Phew!

Want to buy one? Well, too late because they are all sold out. Top marks for the marketing bods again!

However, we know of a cancelled order GT3-R that is physical and can be purchased today so to find out more give The Car Spy a call on 01892 506970 or email

Having just sold one GT3 RS we now find ourselves with another to sell in exactly the same colour! This car is brand new, unregistered and VAT qualifying with a specification as follows:-

Finished in Carrara White with contrasting Guards Red detailing, 450 bhp, 3.8 litre flat-six engine, Porsche vehicle tracking system, Leatherette interior in black, Dynamic cornering lights, Porsche ceramic composite brakes, Headlamp cleaning system cover painted, Clear glass tail lights, Cruise control, Black roll cage, Floor mats, Lightweight bucket seats, Instrument surround painted, Instrument dials in guards red, Extended carbon package, Carbon belt outlet b pillars, Carbon rear section of centre console, Sound package plus, Universal audio interface, Porsche communication management, Outer door sill guards in carbon, Sports chrono package plus, Telephone module, 6 disc CD/DVD changer.

The cost of this rare GT3 is £124,271 and interested parties are invited to contact us on 01474 854490 for further information.

Please click here to see a slide show of images of a similar GT3 in our archives

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We have just sold an absolute beauty of a brand-new 911 GT3 RS and couldn’t resist adding this car to our archive of photographs. Click here to take a look at a slideshow of over 30 images. Finished in Carrera White with contrasting Guards Red detailing the new owner will take great pleasure in savouring the 450 bhp that the 3.8 litre flat-six dishes out in huge dollops of power.

A truly astonishing car that can be raced all day on a track and then driven back home quite happily in the traffic on the M25 without breaking a sweat.

If you are looking for a GT3 or any other Porsche give us a call on 01474 854490 or email and we will do our best to help.

2005 Porsche 911 GT3

Posted: February 1, 2009 by The Car Spy in Porsche
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Sitting snugly in the bucket seats of a GT3 you get the feeling that this is a 911 that leans more towards the Lotus Elise/TVR school of thought that less is more. ‘Lightweight’ is the key word here which is why a 0-60 time of 4.0 seconds is easily achieved in a car that has few of the creature comforts associated with most showroom-ready 911’s. What is the point you may well ask? Well Porsche had already made quite a name for itself on the track up to the late 90’s and the factory had a strong presence at Le Mans up until 1999 when it decided to hand the baton to Audi. The GT class was the new focus for Porsche and hence the series of homologation specials that started the run of GT cars for the road. These are not warmed-over versions of your bog-standard 911. Oh no, the GT3 comes with a completely different engine. The displacement might be similar (3600cc) but interestingly the engine and gearbox design is based on the older air-cooled version. Incredibly this gives the GT3 a racing heritage that dates back to the 1960’s with the 904/906 from that period. Just shows you how good the boys at Pawsha are at combustion engineering! Titanium engine components help reduce weight even further and with 380bhp on tap this is a car that feels seriously quick. 80% of the engine’s torque is present at only 2000 rpm. Yummy! For the record Walter Rohl managed to chuck the car around the ‘Ring in 7 minutes 56 seconds so it ain’t no slouch. Apart from the GT3 badges and the big double-decker rear spoiler there is not a great deal to set this rare 911 apart from it’s lower-powered stablemates. Which is cool if you don’t want any unwelcome attention otherwise go for the RS version with its loud stickering emblazoned down its flanks. If you are looking for a nice Seal Grey example with the optional CD and climate control then get in touch because we have just placed one on our books on behalf of the current owner. Click here for full details