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After much rumour,  speculation and denial a few months ago Ferrari has finally come clean about a one-off that has been built for Eric Clapton – famous for his guitar-playing of course but equally so for his love of all things Ferrari.

The story goes that Eric had a particular fondness for the 512 BB model of which he had owned no less than three examples. The bespoke car that the factory has produced for him therefore has design references to his favourite car whilst using the rather more modern 458 for the underpinnings. The car has geen given the model name SP12 EC but no mention has been made of the powerplant or any other technical features of the car at this stage.

Apparently the musician was closely involved in the project from the outset and according to Ferrari Magazine the car is a “homage to Clapton’s career and his long history as a Ferrari owner” – lucky Eric!

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If there was one car manufacturer whose image was inextricably linked to one colour it has to be Ferrari. However, it would be vaguely interesting to see what proportion of Ferraris produced were actually not painted in Rosso Corsa.

The significance of the choice of red by Enzo apparently lies with the emergence of  ‘country colours’ in the early days of motor racing. Green for Britain, blue for France, yellow for Belgium, silver for Germany and of course red for Italy.  But yellow is the colour for Modena and hence the background colour of the Scuderia shield and don’t Ferraris look nice painted in Giallo?

Anyway with enough money and kudos you can have the factory paint your new car in any colour you wish (within reason and as long as Enzo did not consider it tasteless). Eric Clapton is one of those people that is well known in Modena. Not so much for his guitar-playing skills but he just loves Ferraris and he doesn’t always order one in Rosso Corsa.

Take the 360 Spider that we are selling on behalf of the current owner. The shade of metallic grey (grigio) on this car is unusual because it wasn’t a standard colour for the 360. Eric decided he liked the colour so much from a previous Ferrari he had owned that he asked for his new 360 Spider F1 purchased in 2002 to be painted with the same colour and the factory duly obliged.  The following year he bought an Enzo painted in yellow, so there!

Today the same car is up for sale and has now done just over 30k miles. The interior is finished in Beige leather and the service history is impeccable. Lancaster’s have just carried out the 31k service and the cambelts have been changed at the same time. Give us a call on ++44 1474 854490 or click here for more details.

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