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Lamborghini is celebrating 50 years of making some sensational cars this year and so the story goes Ferruccio Lamborghini, who made tractors, told Enzo Ferrari his clutches were rubbish. Enzo got miffed, punched Ferry on the nose and sent him back to ploughing his potatoes. Mr Lambo decided that the only way to get even with the man who was building the most charismatic cars in the world was to build the most charismatic cars in the world….and the rest is history as they say.

It is arguable of course as to whether Ferruccio ever got close to realising his ambitions since The Raging Bull had always been the pub that everybody spoke about while drinking in The Prancing Horse.

A new act arrived in town, however, in 2003 and started putting bums on seats for the tractor maker. The pole dancer’s name was Gallardo.

Nobody could say that Ferruccio had ever made an ugly car. Quite the opposite, in fact. The Miura is a regular favourite in those ‘most beautiful car in the world’ polls. The issue seemed to be though that the only way Sant Agata felt it could beat Maranello was in the ‘mad design’ category.

Take the Countach, which apparently means ‘Eureka’ or “I found it!” – as pronouned by Archimides when he discovered the theory of water displacement. Lamborghini should have sent a team on University Challenge!

If you ever wanted people to point and stare at you, you either walked around stark naked with a spinning bow-tie or you drove a Countach. These days it will be an Aventador or a Sesto Elemento.

However, the Gallardo is ’sensible’ – for Lamborghini that is. It is also beautiful and it is one of our favourite cars ever. It is screwed together very well (courtesy of Audi) and it drives like a supercar should. That is why the tractor boys have never built so many of a particular model to come out of Sant Agata. The good news is that sometime early next year the second generation Gallardo is to be launched and word is that it will blow the competition away – we really hope that we won’t be disappointed.

Will it be better than an equivalent Ferrari? Who knows? Ferruccio and Enzo are probably trading blows at the pearly gates right now!

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

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If there was one car manufacturer whose image was inextricably linked to one colour it has to be Ferrari. However, it would be vaguely interesting to see what proportion of Ferraris produced were actually not painted in Rosso Corsa.

The significance of the choice of red by Enzo apparently lies with the emergence of  ‘country colours’ in the early days of motor racing. Green for Britain, blue for France, yellow for Belgium, silver for Germany and of course red for Italy.  But yellow is the colour for Modena and hence the background colour of the Scuderia shield and don’t Ferraris look nice painted in Giallo?

Anyway with enough money and kudos you can have the factory paint your new car in any colour you wish (within reason and as long as Enzo did not consider it tasteless). Eric Clapton is one of those people that is well known in Modena. Not so much for his guitar-playing skills but he just loves Ferraris and he doesn’t always order one in Rosso Corsa.

Take the 360 Spider that we are selling on behalf of the current owner. The shade of metallic grey (grigio) on this car is unusual because it wasn’t a standard colour for the 360. Eric decided he liked the colour so much from a previous Ferrari he had owned that he asked for his new 360 Spider F1 purchased in 2002 to be painted with the same colour and the factory duly obliged.  The following year he bought an Enzo painted in yellow, so there!

Today the same car is up for sale and has now done just over 30k miles. The interior is finished in Beige leather and the service history is impeccable. Lancaster’s have just carried out the 31k service and the cambelts have been changed at the same time. Give us a call on ++44 1474 854490 or click here for more details.

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