2008 Audi R8 R-Tronic

Posted: July 31, 2008 by The Car Spy in Audi, General
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It’s an impressive car the R8. Even in photos the car doesn’t have bad angle. Standing there in front of one though you get the whole package of eye-candy all at once. You spend ages walking around the car looking at the detail of the design marvelling at how it all hangs together so well and then appreciating that it looks bigger and has more presence than it appears in the photographs. It’s a car that looks like it’s doing a ton when it’s standing still. The build-quality is superb too and so it should when they use lasers to scan the car’s gaps and joints during the build process. R8’s used to fetch huge premiums when they were first launched and although pricing has now settled down you will still have to join a waiting list for a speccable car. However, if you want one today with nice low miles we have just added an Audi UK supplied Ice Silver example that we are selling on behalf of the owner. This one has the sought-after Magnetic Ride Option and the R tronic sequential gearbox. The sideblades are exclusively painted to match the body colour and the interior is in matching grey Leather with Alcantara panels. With only 500 miles on the clock this R8 is barely run-in and the condition is as you would expect for a car with such low miles. For full details of this stunning R8 please click here.

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