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TVR – no more teasing please!

Posted: July 12, 2008 by The Car Spy in General, TVR
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We love TVR’s. We have sold many of them over the years and they still tug at the heartstrings. The noise, the looks – they are an event and a happening. So when it all went a bit pear-shaped recently we, like all other TVR lovers, had consigned ourselves to the possibility that yet another idiosyncratic car manufacturer from this island was to be confined to the history books. But then the rumours started. Had the company been sold to a couple of entrepreneurs with grand ideas? What was the ‘TVR’ logo doing on the side of a cow-shed in Lancashire? Was it the new UK HQ for the company? Now if we were talking about a company like McLaren the notion of the assembly line being re-born in a chicken barn would have been laughable. Oddly, in TVR’s case it is a credible notion. Even more odd is that it turns out to be true. But it gets even better. According to the TVR Car Club (TVRCC) they are planning a return to production and a preview of the Sagaris II was shown by the ‘new’ management team at this remote rural location. Details are a little sketchy right now but official announcements are apparently due to be made next month. Now the TVRCC are a trustworthy source of knowledge for all things TVR so we’re looking forward to a return of this much-missed marque in the very near future. The Sagaris prototype on show was ‘ready for production’ and certainly the images suggest that the company has lost none of its attitude to bold styling. Love those wheels! Check out the TVRCC article in full by clicking here. Watch this space!