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2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition1974 Porsche 911 Turbo

It was forty years ago this year that Porsche introduced a prototype of the first 911 Turbo at the Paris Motor Show and the rest is pure automotive history you might say because its status as an icon of performance motoring is now well and truly established.

Back then the show crowds went all light-headed and swooned at the idea of driving a sports car producing 260 hp and here we are today nodding our heads that the latest model is capable of producing 560 hp but then so many other cars available these days can produce the same or even more horses to play with. How times have changed.

The 911 Turbo has a place on our hearts however because it is still the poster-boy of the 70’s that we remember with fondness and every subsequent model since has paid homage to the granddaddy of them all.

It is quite fitting therefore that Porsche should launch a special edition of the 911 Turbo to celebrate its 40th birthday and it is to be known as the ‘911 Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition’ and only 40 (clever eh!) examples will be built to mark the occasion.

Why ‘Exclusive GB Edition’ you ask? Well because you can only buy one in good old Blighty so we are very fortunate indeed and it has more Union Jacks than Windsor Castle!

So what makes the car stand out from the regular Turbo S? Well in addition to the standard spec of the S here are the highlights of the special exclusive features:-

•  Three exterior colours (GT Silver Metallic, White and Guards Red)
•  Contrasting exterior features in Black (high-gloss): 20-inch Sport Classic wheel, rear spoiler, SportDesign wing mirror, exterior door handle
•  Side logo ‘PORSCHE’ in Black
•  Storage compartment lid with embossed Union Jack
•  SportDesign steering wheel with 12-o’clock-marking in Guards Red and rim with Guards Red stitching
•  Carbon dashboard trim with chrome logo “911 Turbo S – Exclusive GB Edition”
•  Personalised door sill guards in Carbon, illuminated, with writing “911 Turbo S – Exclusive GB Edition”
•  High level of standard equipment
•  Complementary accessories including a personalised Indoor Car Cover, a personalised photo book and key pouch in leather with decorative stitching in Guards Red

Here are a couple of handy graphics to illustrate some of the above:-

Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition


And to further illustrate the design connections between the new car and its ancestor:-

Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition

And here are some snaps of the funky ‘exclusive’ interior bits:-

Can you buy one right now? Absolutely! Having had its public debut at Goodwood on the 15th September the car is being snapped up at Porsche dealers all over the UK but because of the limited production run there will not be much time to secure a car to buy today.

However, happily we do have a car that is available to purchase right now in GT Silver and fitted with the Burmester High End Surround Sound System (worth over £2k) and can be yours for £163798 including VAT.

Interested? Please get in touch in the first instance on 01892 506970 because we are not expecting the car to be available for very long or drop The Car Spy an email at

So the car that has been codenamed ‘P12’ is to be officially released as the P1. It must have been the shortest marketing brain-storming session to name a car in living memory. Which is a good thing because the MP4-12C is a bit of a mouthful and ends up being shortened to MP4 or 12C anyway. So P1 it is and kind of pays homage to the F1 which was probably the best badge to stick on just about any supercar never mind a Mclaren.

McLaren has been promising us something special with its new hypercar and the pre-launch blurb has gone to great lengths to make sure we should expect to be blown away. Having seen the first official images today they may well have pulled it off.

There are only three images available so far so it would be unfair on the car to make any subjective comment on how it looks and it is one of those shapes that will undoubtedly look better in 3D using your own eyeballs. Nonetheless the shape does look mental and wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’. In fact it would probably be the car that the creature would choose to drive off in.

The P1 almost seems to have an organic form – particularly at the rear end assuming that this is the version that will make into production at the end of this year. It looks quite animal-like in a curvy, muscular way and is the antithesis of Lamborghini’s sharp, linear, stealth forms. The P1 is likely to draw gasps but for different reasons to an Aventador.

Not much has been revealed about the powertrain and chassis but McLaren is making it clear that this car is not designed to break world speed records a la Veyron but it will outrun anything this side of a Formula One car around a track. In the real world that counts for a lot more than sheer straight-line speed.

A figure of 850 plus BHP has been quoted in the press today but the company is staying tight-lipped at the moment and we are unlikely to hear any more detail until the official unveiling on Thursday 27th September at the Paris Motor Show. Can’t wait!

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It seems so long ago now that the 991 911 went on sale – it’s not actually, it is less than a year but just seems much longer – it is easy to overlook the fact that the four-wheel drive version on the latest incarnation of the 911 has been missing for a while now. After the usual frenzy of ‘leaked’ and ‘exclusive’ images on the Internet Porsche has finally officially released details of the Carrera 4 and 4S in both Coupe and Cabriolet versions.

Porsche claim that the AWD chassis gives the best of all worlds with better traction, roadholding and chassis dynamics and there is no reason to doubt that of course. Historically the choice between whether to go for a C2 or C4 has been based on personal preferences. Do you like a bit of wiggle in the tail or are you more concerned with achieving grip whatever the driving conditions? Some might say that the former is preferred because of the additional driver involvement but there is a market especially these days for four-driven wheels as opposed to just two. Porsche gives you that choice with the 911.

The C4 and 4S have the traditional wider rear wheel arches and in the 991 they are 22mm wider than the C2. The rear tyres are 10mm wider too. Take a look at the rear of the car and you will see that some tweaking has taken place with the appearance of a ‘signature red light band’ according to the company. Not sure what this adds in terms of appeal but hey ho.

Much of the specification of the C4 variants match the C2 so engines and respective performance figures remain unchanged i.e. more than adequate and likely to satisfy the most demanding of drivers.

Inside the new car there is an ‘all-wheel-drive indicator’ in the instrument cluster which lets you know how much torque is being sliced and diced between the front and rear axles. Useful? Probably not since the eyes are more likely to be swapping between focusing on revs, speed and the road ahead (and behind) – anything else is an unnecessary distraction.

Porsche is also introducing Adaptive Cruise Control across all models in the range and when combined with the PDK transmission customers will get the ACC plus Porsche Active Safe (PAS) which helps to prevent front-end collisions.

A new sliding glass sunroof has been added to the options list and if customers order the Sport Chrono Pack with the manual gearbox they can expect a tad more responsiveness because in Sport Plus mode the system automatically double-declutched during down-shifts. Nice.

The new Carrera 4 and 4S models will be shown for the fist time at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show and will go on sale in the UK December this year. Prices will start at £77924 for the Coupe and the Cabriolet from £86583.

For further details of the new 911 Carrera 4 and 4S or any other Porsche model give The Car Spy a call on 01732 760699 or email

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Forty-two years ago the very first Range Rover was launched and although the car was praised for its unique road-going/cross-country capabilities nobody could foresee how this unusual car was to pave the way for what is known today as the ‘SUV sector’ which has seen a huge rise in market share over the last ten years or so.

There is almost no premium brand that has not launched or put forward concepts for an SUV in the past few years and since the likes of Bentley, Lamborghini and Aston Martin are showing serious intentions to enter this market segment Land Rover is constantly looking over its shoulder to keep an eye on the rest of the field who are desperate to play catch-up.

The original ‘Classic’ Range Rover was essentially a very simple design that offered the best of both worlds in terms of the on and off-road driving experience. The fact that the original design remained virtually unchanged until 1996 is pretty remarkable and when the P38 generation came along it became evident that the workhorse image of the Classic was being replaced by a car that had much greater ambitions – luxury was the word now being used to describe life with a Rangie.

The third generation ‘L322’ further emphasised the view that Land Rover were determined to move the RR away from the inevitable offerings from BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche and from its launch in 1994 the car has stubbornly held on to the title of Best 4×4 By far. Not only could the Range Rover still whip the competiton on any off-road course but it still had the presence of a battleship while cruising down the high street on the way to the supermarket. A bit like a Rolls Royce.

So today, after the usual frenzy of ‘leaked’ camouflaged images on the Internet Land Rover has officially announced details of L405 the fourth incarnation of the King of off-roaders.

Logically, the car still is instantly recognisable as a Range Rover. The upright body with the slab sides, the clamshell bonnet design and the ‘floating’ roof are all there and will probably be there for many generations to come – they are the design cues that essentially tell your brain that you are looking at a Range Rover.

LR are telling everybody that L405 is the most luxurious Range Rover yet. They say it is lighter and stronger (because of  the extensive use of aluminium) with much improved handling thanks to the newly designed four-corner air-suspension. It is also likely to be larger than the outgoing model. LR say there is 118mm more legroom for rear passengers and there will be a two-seat ‘Executive Class’ seating option which hints at where the new car will be heading – straight for the throats of Bentley, Mercedes and Rolls Royce.

Engine options will come in the form of the petrol Supercharged V8 plus TDV6 and TDV8 diesels. Already familiar power sources of the current model but good enough to be shoe-horned into the new model.

No confirmation yet on pricing but we expect that official news will be given at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. LR are suggesting that they will be taking orders at that time too and deliveries are due to start in early 2013.

For further details of the new Range Rover or any other Land Rover model give The Car Spy a call on 01732 760699 or email

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