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The first Gran Turismo to be photgraphed by ourselves was parked up in a London Street near Madame Tussauds. As we approached the Maserati the first thing we noticed was the crowd of tourists holding their camera phones at arm’s length to capture yet another souvenir of their trip to London. Yes, the new Gran Turismo seems to have that lustful effect on most passers-by and it certainly worked its charm on us too. Pinin Farina deservedly gets the credit for conjuring the ingredients. More specifically it was the work of a gentleman by the name of Jason Castriota who pencilled the Ferrari 599 GTB, Maserati Birdcage, Ferrari 612 Kappa and the very special Ferrari P4/5. He is obviously very good at drawing cars! The latest Gran Turismo had to be good though since the original version from Maserati (also designed by Pinin Farina) was the first road-going car to come out of the factory in 1947. JC has done a great job. From the menacing snout, the inflated forearms of the front wings, the slightly pinched waistline and the raised posterior and neatly finished tail it is impossible to find a side of the car that is not photogenic. The interior works just as well. Typical Maserati – classy, a little understated, minimal gimmickry, comfortable driving position and biggest surprise of all is the amount of space in the rear cabin. You could get away with calling this coupe a proper four-seater. If you want a brand new one there is still a waiting list but we know of one that is arriving in the UK very soon. Click here for details of how to get hold of an Italian Supermodel that is hot in the news right now!