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We have access to one of the very first Jaguar F-Types to arrive in the UK which can now be specified via the on line-configurator as follows:-

If you are interested in acquiring this very early build slot then please get in touch for further details.

Please note this car is VAT qualifying.

For further details please give The Car Spy a call on ++44(0)1732 760699 or email

Jaguar F-Type in Firesand Metallic

Jaguar F-Type in Firesand Metallic

Finished in Ultimate Black with Dove Hide Interior this June 2011 registered Long Wheelbase V8 XJ has recorded 10000 miles and comes with the following specification:-

Six-speed Automatic Transmission, Burr walnut veneer trim, Ivory Headlining, Jet Leather Upper fascia, Jet carpets, Jet stitching, Aluminium power vents, Heated power-fold mirrors, Mid-line door trim, Jaguar 600W Premium sound system, Front stowage tray with power socket, Front park aid, Reverse park camera, 19” Toba alloy wheels, 18” Alloy space-saver spare wheel, Xenon headlamps, Heated windscreen with timer, Keyless entry, Intrusion sensing, Front and rear tread plates, Leather steering wheel, Load floor carpet, 8” Touch-screen display, Leather facia, Cruise control, Driver seat memory, Electric heated front seats, Footwell mats, Rear side window blinds, Bluetooth, Privacy glass, Electric rear sunblind.

This XJ LWB is available to purchase today at £42850 inc VAT (excluding Shipping/Delivery costs)

Please note this car is VAT qualifying.

For further details please give The Car Spy a call on ++44(0)1732 760699 or email

Jaguar XJ V8 lwb in ultimate black

N.B. This image was created using the Jaguar Configurator. It is not an image of the actual car for sale.

Unless you are someone who is looking forward to celebrating their 60th birthday in the very near future it is unlikely you will remember the significance of the Mk II Jag.

To put some perpective on the importance of this car when it was launched in 1959 the Jaguar Mark Two was the M5 of its day – before anyone had any concept of what an M5 was and way long before BMW established the benchmark for the ‘ultimate sports saloon’.

The performance of the 3.8 straight-six, twin SU carburettor engine was even by today’s standards highly respectable – 220 bhp, 0-60 in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 125 mph – but this was 1959! Today that conveniently might compare well with the figures the XFR produces to do battle with the M5 – but there was no M5 back then.

The Mark 2 Jag took to the tracks with the the help of Stirling Moss, Graham Hill and Mike Hawthorne to show that it could handle too and romped home with a sideboard full of trophies during the 1960’s. Even today it’s possible to see the old girl flying round taking the lead in classic car race events around the world.

These days the only decent Mark 2 Jags left are those that thankfully have been well-attended to over the decades by those people who have the financial resources and blood, sweat and tears in abundance to keep the legend of the 1960’s ‘M5’ alive. Perhaps more appropriately the current M5 pays homage to the car that set the blueprint back in the day. The Mark 2 Jag is dead – long live the Mark 2 Jag.

The inspiration for this misty-eyed piece of nostalgia is the fact that a truly beautiful example of a Mark 2 Jaguar is to be auctioned in the forthcoming Baron’s Jaguar Heritage Sale. The details of this particular car can be found here but we couldn’t resist sharing the images with those die-hard Mark 2 fans out there…..

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Not your ordinary kind of taxi though because this one will take you round the Nürburgring Nordschleife quicker than a black cab can get you from Waterloo to the Embankment.

This is the log wheelbase XJ Supersport from Jaguar that is fitted with the Sport and Speed Pack options which removes the speed limiter to let the 510PS V8 stretch its legs to 174 mph (278.4 kph).

Jaguar’s ‘Nurburgring Taxi’ follows in the footsteps of BMW who’s M5 driven by a certain Ms Schmidt attracted a lot of attention to the fact that those who would rather be driven than drive the ‘Ring themselves could do so courtesy of a very experienced driver in a slightly modified road-car.

The XJ taxi which has been developed at Jaguar’s Nordschleife engineering test facility looks suitably sinister in its matt grey paint finish and the usual leather interior has made way for four snug-fitting racing seats with harnesses plus a roll-cage just in case things get a bit lairy on the track.

Driver – follow that M5 and don’t spare the horses!

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As motor shows go Top Marques Monaco doesn’t quite fit the norm. For starters it is a cosy affair set up in a modern building called the Grimaldi Forum which is perched right on the edge Monaco’s short stretch of coastline and looks like it is about to be washed away with the Mediterranean tide. Of course it is beautiful and therefore a fitting place for very expensive cars to strut their stuff.

The organisers modestly refer to it as ‘The Most Exclusive Supercar Show in The World’.

It is also a place where you will find be-jewelled watches on display on one level of the complex and then some pretty fancy looking motor cruisers rubbing shoulders on the concourse of the Forum.

However, what makes this show particularly different from others is that you can actually drive (or be driven in) some of the most exotic cars to be found anywhere.

A covered parking area bordering the sreet that runs adjacent to the Grimaldi Forum serves as a kind of makeshift pit-stop where you could see a selection of cars from lamborghini, Noble, GTA, Mercedes and several others all parked patiently for the amateur paparazzi.

Every so often a loud bark could be heard from a Lambo exhaust as the car was driven on to the ‘catwalk’ otherwise known as the Avenue Princesse Grace. A poser’s paradise indeed.

And the show itself? Well very few manufacturers respresent themselves since it is left up to either the local franchise dealership from Monaco or further afield to get on with the business of exhibiting at the event. Some brands, however, are instantly recognisable and several others maybe not so. The role call for 2012 was as follows:-

Bentley, Aston Martin, Delavilla, Gemballa, Fisker, GTA Motor, Hamann, JE Design, PACE, InsiderCars, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lotus, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, MTM, MS Design, Mansory, Merdad, Noble, Roding, Pagani, Rolls Royce, Tushek and Dartz.

Some of the cars were just as you would find them in any car showroom but many others had been given some kind of ‘tuning’ treatment to offer somebody who wanted a Panamera, for instance, to end up with a Panamera that wouldn’t look out of place on the front cover of Max Power magazine. It is all a question of personal taste of course but the prices being quoted for these conversions were bordering on insanity. Think of the price of a nicely specified Cayenne and then triple it – and that’s for the ‘cheap’ bespoke options. More than half of the exhibitors at the show were offering their own take on ‘individualism’ for anything from an Evoque to a 450 Spider. Recession? What recession?

Highlights of the show? Well Pagani had their awesome Huayra on display and that is a car which needs no adornment or embellishment to either improve or destroy its looks. It is like a work of art. The design details make you keep looking over and over at the car and every time you look you find something else to make you go ‘wow’. Is there any other car which could draw so much attention right now – probably not.

It was pleasing to see a strong representation of British cars at Top Marques and Noble’s M600 had one of the nicest paint finishes at the show. It’s carbon fibre body was finished in a sort of cobalt blue and the yellow/cream interior contrasted perfectly.

Another odd-ball on show, but one which raised a few smiles, was the Dartz ‘gold-plated’ armoured car that is featured in the forthcoming Sasha Baron Cohen film ‘The Dictator’. This is a proper B7 category armour-plated vehicle and was the most intimidating car on display at the show by a million miles. Tapping on one of the side panels of the car was like tapping the side of building we were standing in. If you were worried about being blown-up on the way to the office then you would buy this car – it looks and feels like it could survive a nuclear blast!

Two days is plenty of time to take in everything the show has to offer and the question is whether to go back again next year. For the show content the jury is still out but if you are bored with the traditional show formats then you should try Top Marques – if you don’t like the show you could do far worse than end up in a place like Monaco!

In the meantime enjoy the slideshow of pics that were taken at the show…………

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