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We rambled on the other day about the popularity of white as a colour choice for cars and in certain cases, as with the Lambo, it works a treat. ‘Black’ and ‘Range Rovers’ however, is a double act that has the eternal appeal of strawberries and cream or cheese and biscuits (mmm, nice). Was there a colour better suited for the King of SUV’s? There will always be the pernennial choice from LR of Greens (Epsom, Ardennes or otherwise) to go with the tweed set and the wine-flavoured Reds for those who choose to be a little different. A white RR just doesn’t seem to look right. It shocks and startles while adding a touch of utilitarian to the square-jawed shape. From the Classic to the P38A to the L322, black attire has always suited the RR. Cool, understated, classy are the words that come to mind together with ‘good choice’ and ‘you can’t go wrong’. Big 4×4’s are looking spectacular value during these crunchy unavailable-credit times and the RR diesels offer wallet-friendly fuel consumption. We have just added a 2006 TD6 Vogue to our website which the current owner has asked us to sell on his behalf. It is black (as if you couldn’t guess) and has been driven a lowly 26,000 miles. The specification is seriously impressive and you can read all about this excellent example by clicking here.