Lamborghini Huracán For Sale

Posted: October 8, 2014 by The Car Spy in For Sale, Lamborghini, New Cars
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Has Lamborghini ever made an ugly-looking car? The definition of ‘ugly’ is a very subjective one, of course, and some people might describe the London Shard as an ‘ugly’ piece of architecture whereas you the reader might think it to be quite beautiful.

However, trawling back through images of Lamborghinis from the past it was truly difficult to find a model in their range to be indifferent about. From the Diablo, Miura, Countach to the Sesto Elemento they all set the heart a-fluttering. That was until the LM002 blotted the landscape.

Born in 1986 and executed in 1993, the LM002 was essentially a mental SUV designed for people who had more money than sense and access to huge resources of gasoline – the car was fitted with a 7.2 litre V12 marine engine for pity’s sake! The LM002 made a Hummer look limp-wristed and was even dubbed the ‘Rambo Lambo’.

So apart from the LM002 Lamborghini has yet to come up with a car that doesn’t fulfil the necessary criteria for giving petrol-heads wet dreams.

The Gallardo was always going to be a tricky car to replace because everybody liked it. Some preferred it over the equivalent model from arch-rival Ferrari and best of all it possessed Audi build-quality to help keep the gremlins away.

The Gallardo stayed in production for 10 years with only the odd very minor tweak to its design occurring along the way since it was a formula that could not be tampered with while generating decent sales for the company.

However, the car was starting to look a little dated next to the new 458 and latest models from McLaren so some lucky (or unlucky) designer in the company had the task of coming up with a better-looking car. A few sleepless nights were on the cards.

Enter the Huracán this year (for deliveries at least) and rather than come out with a complete re-hash of the pretty Gallardo a more sensitive approach has been taken by adding a few design cues from the magnificent Aventador which is no bad thing whilst keeping in touch with the out-going car’s pleasing aesthetics.

Underneath, various subtle engineering changes have taken to place to make sure the car stays competitive at every level and also to continue to satisfy the ever-stringent EU automotive rules and regulations.

Deliveries of the Huracán have already started in the UK and those customers who placed an early deposit are amongst the first to get their hands on one today.

If you are looking to place a factory order for one at the moment you will be looking at your car arriving around the middle of next year, if you are lucky, since demand has been very healthy for the new model.

On the other hand we have access to a brand new Huracán that will be arriving within the next week or so and comes with the following specification:-

Nero Serapis Metallic, Alcantara Sportivo Nero Ade Interior, Branding Pack, Front and Rear Parking Sensors plus Rear View Camera, Full Electric Adjustable and Heated Seats, Navigation System, Bluetooth Preparation – Hands Free, DAB, Alcantara Roof Lining and Pillars, Coloured Stitching for Unicolour Interior, LDS (Dynamic Steering), Lifting System and Magnetic Suspension, NavTrak PRO ADR.

Interested? Please get in touch in the first instance on 01892 506970 because we are not expecting the car to be available for very long or drop The Car Spy an email at

Sorry – This car is now SOLD!


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