Posted: August 26, 2011 by The Car Spy in Goodwood

Exceptional cars and extraordinary aircraft are a regular treat at the annual Goodwood Revival, being held this year from 16-18 September.  However, trains are a far less common sight at the world’s most authentic historic motor sport meeting; until now!

In just three weeks time, trains will be very much in evidence as a trio of blushing brides walk down the aisle in full period wedding dress at the ‘St. Charles Chapel of Love,’ as  Goodwood stages three mock weddings from the 1948-1966 Revival era.

A gaggle of Goodwood’s GAG Actors will be playing their parts in the wedding ceremonies and receptions at the main Revival pedestrian entrance gate, as a series of brides and grooms attempt to tie the knot, with mixed degrees of success!

The Revival wedding party characters will form part of the 80-strong troop of GAG (Goodwood Actors Guild) actors and actresses, all carefully selected to add a sense of theatre to the Revival, following an exhaustive round of auditions.  These actors all become members of GAG, set up specifically to add to the authentic atmosphere of the Revival.

The Goodwood Revival gives a chance for all visitors to revel in the romance of motor racing as it used to be. The lovingly restored Goodwood Motor Circuit is unchanged from its heyday, and great lengths are taken to ensure that everything on the site is exactly as it was. 

All Goodwood staff and GAG members dress in appropriate period clothing from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, and each year the vast majority of competitors and spectators get into the effervescent Goodwood spirit by dressing the part, considering it all part of the fun.

All around the Goodwood Motor Circuit site, there are many actors, role-playing and acting out scenes from a bygone era.  Spivs selling nylons and watches from beneath their coats; Mods and Rockers hanging out and dancing, then being ‘moved on’ by the local bobbies; comedic workmen preparing to dig a hole in the most inappropriate place; iconic figures, Butlin’s Redcoats, and even the Dad’s Army Home Guard are all to be found at the Revival.

Other GAG members act as airline captains, with a string of adoring air hostesses in tow, whilst reporters and photographers chase the playboy set for the latest scoop, oblivious to the ‘happy campers’ munching on their Scotch eggs and tea cakes beside their 1950s caravans. There’s sure to be much more fun in store over the three fabulous days of the Goodwood Revival this year.

To order advance tickets for 2011 Goodwood Revival, please contact the Ticket Hotline:
Telephone: +44 (0)1243 755055
Book on-line:

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