Ferrari 458 Italia

Posted: August 9, 2010 by The Car Spy in Ferrari, For Sale
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If you saw the last Top Gear programme you would have seen Clarkson seemingly wet himself over the Ferrari 458. And rightly so, since it seems that the artigiani at Modena have conjured up another magical number in the 458 which look set to be one of their all-time greats. Recent Ferraris had looked a little confused in their overall design and it almost looked as though the great company had lost its way somewhat. The 458 has put all that right and it is a damn handsome car from any angle.

Even before the BBC show had gone out there was up to a three year waiting list for the car but we can get our hands on a new right hand drive model for the first quarter of 2011 for just a smidgen over list price.

The car is still spec-changeable so if there is anybody out there itching to jump the long waiting list then please call us quickly on 01474 854490 or email because this opportunity will soon disappear.

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