2004 BMW 645Ci Sport For Sale

Posted: July 5, 2010 by The Car Spy in BMW, For Sale
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Fancy a 645ci Sport? We’ve just taken in a stunning Titanium Silver example of this long-legged cruiser that has done only 32k miles and has a full BMW service history.

The car has the particularly attractive Chateau Red leather sports interior which makes a pleasant change from some of the gloomy tints of greys and blacks out there.

We’ve spoken at length before about the 6-series and the tremendous value for money these cars now offer. There is something almost Aston Martin-like about the car with its GT styling and laid-back torquey performance. There is plenty of grunt when you need it but you feel more inclined to savour the relaxed nature of the driving position while listening to the rather pleasant V8 soundtrack as background music.

A trip to St Tropez would be a breeze in this car!

To find out more about this lovely 645 just click here.

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