2009 Mercedes Benz SL350

Posted: January 22, 2010 by The Car Spy in Mercedes Benz
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Driving the new SL you can’t help noticing two things ahead of you. The bonnet bulges. They are obvious and they nicely complement the dashing air vents just ahead of the windscreen. Looking at an image of the first generation SL from the mid-50’s you can see exactly where the inspiration came from and that is no bad thing. Not many bonnets are that interesting quite frankly but the one on this SL350 is a thing of beauty.

What SL350 we hear you say? Well, we are marketing a 2009 example in Carbonite Black with only 4000 miles on the clock on behalf of the owner. This SL is extremely well-specified and comes with a stunning set of 5-spoke alloys and the desirable Sports Package as well as the usual COMAND satnav and mutlimedia system including CD, DVD, Bluetooth and i-Pod functionality. The SL350 features the creamy-smooth V6 in MB’s range which whips 315 horses into action so performance is more than adequate.

The original purchase price of this of this SL was in excess of £72k just under a year ago and can now be purchased for a smidgen under £50k! A not inconsiderable saving indeed.

Appetite suitably whetted? Then click here for more information or contact us on 0854 643 2047.

Click here for a slideshow of over twenty images of this stunning SL350.


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