2008 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

Posted: October 7, 2009 by The Car Spy in Mercedes Benz
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We have a neighbour who changes his cars like some people change their underwear and we like him very much. We won’t mention any names for fear of embarassing the chap but we help him find a lovely set of wheels and then six months later he is asking us to find him his next dream car. If only all car buyers were like him and the recession would be a long distant memory.

Anyway our latest task is to dispose of his tasty C63 AMG and replace it with an equally scrummy Audi R8. So what is the C63 like? Well, it sounds like a violent thunderstorm and it goes faster than anyone in a sane frame of mind would dream of doing so on a public road. So we love it.

We went to Mercedes World at Brooklands the other day and tried the E63 and C63 AMG’s round the track there. If you have any doubt about how well these cars perform then treat yourself to a visit and leave with a mile-wide smile. 

Our neighbour’s C63 is painted in Metallic Steel Grey with Black nappa leather interior so it looks all mean and moody. The car has only done 12k miles and he loves his cars more than his lovely missus (only joking L!) so it is in mint condition.

It is also very rare. Just take a look at the classifieds and this is one car that has not sold in big numbers during the recession so residuals are likely to remain firm for some time yet. 

For further details on the sale of this stunning C63 AMG call us on ++44 1474 854490 or click here to view the car on our website. For slideshow of over 30 images take a look here

  1. Brad Norris says:

    An absolutely stunning motor and if I had the money I’d be banging on his door. I don’t suppose he’ll take a straight swap for a Landie!!

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