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Posted: May 1, 2009 by The Car Spy in Lamborghini
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It must be quite good fun working for Lamborghini. Not necessarily because they make nice cars but being part of the team that pick the names has got to be a real hoot.

Take the word ‘Countach’ for instance. If you live in an area called Piedmont in Northern Italy you might recognise the word as being a way to describe a beautiful woman. Specifically it translates more accurately as ‘cop a load of that!’

How about ‘Reventon’ then? This time it’s Spanish and it means explosion, burst or blow-out. Maybe one of the team was on his way to Sant’ Agata and shredded his tyre on the Autostrada. This gets him all inspired for coming up with a new name for their new project.

The Piedmontese for blow-out is probably not very glamorous and may not lend itself well to Lambo’s new baby. Luckily somebody in the team speaks fluent Spanish and remarks that his colleague probably had a ‘reventon’ on the way in.  And there you have it, job done. On to the next name-creation meeting.

That’s the easy part. Making a car to live up to the name, however, is a whole new bowl of pasta. It was always going to be an extreme styling exercise. How can you go one further than the sharp-looking Gallardo or the muscular Murcielago?

Well, they did it and the Reventon would not look  out of place in any sci-fi movie of the future. It is stealth-like. It is probably invisible to speed radar guns and it looks like it carries an armoury of nuclear weapons. This car wouldn’t overtake you – it would just vapourise you. If you did manage to get a glimpse of the car before you became one with the atomic particles of the universe you would be happy to know that you had indeed been very privileged.

You see Lambo only made 21 of them. 20 were sold to customers spread all over the globe and one has been put aside for the Lamborghini Museum. 

So what makes this car so special? Well performance is very simlar to the Murcielago so it ain’t no couch potato. 640 bhp, 0-60 mph in a shade over 3 seconds and a top speed in excess of 200 mph tells the story. But the body is made entirely of carbon fibre and they all came in one finish, a sort of satin dark grey. The interior is finished in black leather with brown alcantara plus chunks of aluminium laced with more carbon fibre.

The LCD instrumentation includes a ‘G-Force Meter’ which measures the dynamic forces of acceleration and braking  just like Lewis has in his McLaren plus there are switchable modes for those who prefer an analogue-style presentation.

A car this rare is unlikely to come up for sale very often but we know of one with delivery mileage that is now looking for a new owner. Needless to say a sale of this kind would be very discreet but any serious enquirers should get in touch with us directly on 0845 643 2047 (or ++44 1474 854490). Click here if you would like us to call you. The picture at the top is the actual car for sale.

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