Porsche 911 Turbo

Posted: February 22, 2009 by The Car Spy in Porsche
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1963, that’s when the 911 was born. And in 1981 it should have died. Fortunately a gentleman by the name of Peter Schutz who happened to be the company’s new CEO at the time had the vision and foresight not to replace the 911 with the 928. So the company was probably saved because without the 911 there wasn’t much in reserve to ensure Porsche’s financial well-being for the future. Think of Porsche and one shape comes to mind. One car, one company, one huge profit and today they own VW for goodness sake. Vielen Dank Herr Schutz! One model in the range that surely would have been chopped in its prime in 1981 was the Turbo. This lairy wild child was already pumping out 300 horses by the early eighties and the red-braces brigade in the City bought them by the shed-load with their super-size bonuses. Guards Red was de rigeur of course. Into the early nineties and the Turbo was pushing the performance boundaries for street-legal road cars and the arrival of the 993 model designed by Tony Hatter had the purists swooning. Even today the 993 Turbo can command a whopping premium and residuals are about the best you will find on any car. All down to the desirability of the twin-turbo air-cooled flat-six from which Porsche could now extract over 400 bhp. For economic and environmental reasons the only way Porsche could move the game forward in 1997 was to switch to a water-cooled design of the flat-six and along came the 996 and 450 bhp for the Turbo version. Sub 4 second times for the scrabble to 60 mph were easily achieved now and the 911 Turbo was still the car to set the benchmark for all other ‘supercar’ players including Ferrari, Lambo and the new kids on the block Audi, BM and MB. Today’s 997  Turbo will slip past 190 mph according to the official figures but does it in a more refined, technically superior way than its predecessors. Some road-testers have managed to get to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and the latest model will use less fuel getting there than the 996 version. The 911 Turbo has always been described as the most practical supercar money can buy and in 2009 it is still probably true. We know of  a new one that is up for sale with a tidy saving on the list price. Click here for details.


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