2007 VW Touareg 2.5 Tdi SE

Posted: December 27, 2008 by The Car Spy in General, Volkswagen
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Remember those Barclaycard adverts featuring Rowan Atkinson from a few years back? One of them featured his ‘Johnny English’ character droning on about the nomadic people of the Sahara desert called the ‘Touareg’ while carrying a roll of carpet he had unwittingly set fire to. “What a great name for a 4×4!” exclaimed the person charged with coming up with something original for the VW marketing suits to get their teeth into for their forthcoming 4×4. Much better than cousin Porsche’s ‘Cayenne’ which is a town in French Guiana. Or maybe it’s that particularly hot chili pepper. Either way it doesn’t ring bells the way Touareg does for the VW sand-crab.  It does beg the question though – is the Touareg the chariot of choice for the Touareg? No chance. It’s still the trusty 4×4 camel that needs no petrol or diesel or a visit to the local dealership for an oil change. The Bratislava-born VW Touareg belongs firmly in the arena of desirable go-anywhere suv’s that so many people still aspire too and there’s now’t wrong with that. They look fantastic value these days too – a nicely specified example could have cost upwards of £40k when purchased new, just like the one we have recently placed on the market for the current owner. Finished in Atacama Grey with Charcoal Leather interior this 2007 2.5 litre diesel model comes with SatNav, front heated seats, parking sensors, roof rails, alloys and whole lot more. Click here for further details if your budget is well under £20k!

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