2004 Bentley Continental GT

Posted: November 9, 2008 by The Car Spy in Bentley, General
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Did you know the Bentley Continental GT is the fastest car on ice? Nope, neither did we. However in 2007 World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen took a GT on to the frozen Baltic (as they like to do in Finland) and with his right foot firmly planted to the floorboards reached an astonishing 207 mph over a ‘flying kilometre’! Hmm, not sure whether that is an indication of how crazy those Finnish rally drivers are or that the GT is a damn good car for doing circuits round the local skating rink. Anyway there’s no arguing that it would strike a pose while doing so. The Bentley just oozes kerb appeal and has that word ‘presence’ stamped all over its shapely bodywork. We just can’t see this car ever looking dated and old-fashioned largely thanks to a gentleman from Belgium and ex Royal College of Art student, Mr Dirk van Braeckel. If you fancy one in Moonbeam Silver with Portland hide then click here for more details. Priced at only £47995 this example has done 41,000 miles and comes with a Full Bentley Service History.

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