2000 TVR Tuscan 4.0 Speed Six

Posted: August 25, 2008 by The Car Spy in General, TVR
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We collected a Paris Blue TVR Tuscan the other day to sell on behalf of the owner and this entailed a stop-start slog across the best and worst parts of South London. It was a Friday and it was 5.30 pm. Nice. Tuscans are not made for life in the slow-lane. Everything about them is manic. The looks, the noise – it’s a kind of Hannibal Lecter of sports cars. Even when it’s parked up all quiet quiet and docile it looks like it could bite your head off. Fire it up and it gets tetchy and angry with its cammy exhausts cackling and spitting daring you to let it off its leash. So it ain’t no wallflower and don’t expect to go anywhere unnoticed. We have driven all sorts of exotic dream-machines (it’s a job and somebody has to do it!) and inevitably some people will often stop and stare either to admire or in some cases express their feelings with a gesture of derision that is recognised internationally and in some countries you can get arrested for. So flash cars stir all sorts of emotions. Drive the Tuscan and the first thing you notice are people waving and smiling. My colleague who was following in a rather expensive, tasty 911 was able to witness all of this from his vantage point. The Porsche was completely ignored – he may as well have been driving a Transit van. On one occasion when the Tuscan was parked at a red light a hooded young lad ran up and knocked on the driver’s window – I thought we were going to get robbed. “Nice car, Mister!” he shouted with a smile as wide as a mile. Even the muggers fall for this car’s charm. So the Tuscan made a whole bunch of new friends South of the river and for a car that started life at the turn of the millennium it has bags of street credibilty. Everyone loves ’em and they look incredibly good value these days. This stunning Paris Blue example has only done 18,000 miles with two owners and comes complete with the all-important TVR service history. What else can you buy for less than £14k with 360 bhp, can do 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and has as much respect as any £100k ‘supercar’ available today? Click here to see Hannibal for yourself.

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