imotor – a FREE new on-line motoring magazine!

Posted: July 20, 2008 by The Car Spy in General
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Check out this novel approach to giving us car-hungry saddos our regular fix of breaking news. iMotor is a new on-line magazine that is free to subscribe to and then pops up in your mailbox every time a new issue is launched (every fortnight). We’re not normally big fans of on-line publications because they can be a little tedious to read if you have to keep scrolling around trying to focus on the copy. However, iMotor is a breeze to use and its simple, intuitive layout makes for easy browsing through the content. Image quality is very good too and there are plenty of videos that help bring the digital mag alive. There’s even a wacky ‘Car Tube’ page which adds a touch of humour. Don’t expect in-depth 1000 word reviews because that would be missing the point of iMotor. This is a quick heads-up and overview of ‘what’s new’ in the car world. This is ‘issue’ number one and we can see there is lots of potential to expand this three-dimensional approach to news publications. The editiorial team seem a friendly bunch and their style is very personable. Looks like they have filled the gap between tv’s Top Gear and the paper magazines. Good luck guys! Click on the image to go straight to the subscription page. You will get immediate access to the magazine.

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